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A Letter To John - Karthikeyan G

Matilda sat on the table reading newspaper and saw her husband busy on a call with his client. “Sorry I was in a call mat, how are you feeling,” asked John, “I am good John,” replied Matilda. Matilda is a homely woman and married to John a business magnet. Last year, Matilda found out that she had cancer, and she didn’t tell John because she didn’t want to make him sad. “See you soon mat”, John waved and went to work, and suddenly she felt sad because he didn’t give her a hug or a “bye kiss.” At his company, John took out his phone and dialled to Cynthia. “Hello babe how’s it going,” John asked with a kiss, “my love everything is good, how’s your morning,” Cynthia replied with a sigh. “Wonderful, Cynthia” John replied. Cynthia is John’s secret girlfriend, and she loves John for money. “John how’s your wife”, asked Cynthia, “don’t talk about her, I want to be free from her”, sighed John. Cynthia asked John to take her to someplace this evening and without delay, he said yes. John was about to leave he received a call from his wife, and then he attends the call, “John I am having a severe stomach pain can you please take me to the hospital”, asked Matilda and John replied, “mat I am about to attend an important meeting with a client, so, I can’t.” He cut the call and went to pick up Cynthia. After John cut the call, Matilda held her stomach and said, “God give me the strength to hold this pain,” she is suffering from severe stomach pain due to cancer. On the other end John enjoying his life with Cynthia. Due to the severe pain, Matilda didn’t prepare anything to eat for dinner. John dropped off Cynthia and reached home, and asked: mat that how’s the pain.” She lied to him that she’s feeling good. “What’s for dinner,” asked John and she replied, “I was exhausted and didn’t prepare anything.” John got mad at her and started shouting at her, and they both went into a brawl. After John went to bed in black mood Matilda started to vomit blood, and she immediately called the doctor who gave treatment to her. After having a brief conversation with the doctor she found out that she will be alive for only one month, she went to bed and cried all night. In the morning Matilda asked John to listen to her for a while, John said: “go on I am listening.” Matilda with a red eye’s said “I know that you don’t like me, but I am requesting you to do something”, John with a black mood asked, “What’s that “. She said, “You have to lift me from my bed and carry me to the table for the next 30 days.” He agreed to Matilda, the reason Matilda said that to John is that she wants to feel loved by him. From day one he started lifting her from the bed and dropping her in the table. As days go on John started liking Matilda and their relationship grows strong, and eventually, John started ignoring Cynthia. Cynthia texted John, “babe why are you ignoring me”, he replied, “sorry I am kind of busy text you later.” The next day John had a severe fever, and Matilda was helping John with everything, and he got cured and thanked Matilda for taking care of him. After John got cured Matilda was sad because she wants to be with him and wants to care for him till she holds her last breath. Her fear came true, and she remembers that today is her last day, and tomorrow she will be dead, and she went to bed with a heavy heart and cried all night. The next morning, and the last day for Matilda, John with sadness lifts Matilda from the bed, and they both stared at each other, and then John slowly moved with Matilda holding him very tightly. John had no intention to go to his company and wants to be with her all day. John looked at Matilda and once again they stared at each other, and he waved off and left to his company. Then Matilda was experiencing stomach pain, immediately she took her phone called an ambulance and finally, she was in the hospital. John was in his company, thinking about Matilda. Then Matilda started to vomit blood in the hospital, she could not hold the pain. Then she took her phone called John for one last time, John didn’t pick the call, so, she left a message for John. “John I cannot hold the pain, I am at the hospital, I wanted to say that I love you and I miss you.” She cut the call and went to bed thinking that John will come and meet her, later on, John received the message and immediately he left his company going fast to a flower shop bought a rose and then bought some chocolates for her. John reached the room where she was taking medications and finally he was standing in front of her and completely shocked. She was dead, and she left a message to John. Suddenly the rose and chocolates he bought for her fell on the floor. John with tears started reading the letter, “dear John I always wanted to tell you that I love you but you never understood my love that’s why I asked you to carry me to the table so that you understand my love and by the time you're reading this letter I won’t be alive and I don’t want to leave you, sorry for everything I will miss you a lot and take care.” John with the heavy heart and with tears kissed her in the forehead, and the next day, he buried Matilda in the backyard of his house. He felt sorry for her and realized how rude he was with Matilda and finally said I love you, Matilda.

Written By: Karthikeyan G

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