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Celebration - Kashish Chadha

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

While the Vincentians, Have me nine mornings, The Indians, Keep me nine nights. While the Chinese remember me, With fireworks and dance, at their new year. The Buddhist monks of Thailand, Mark me with meditating peace. While the People in Spain, Rejoice me with tomatoes. The Indians, Splash colours to mark my presence . While the carnival of Venice Honours me with vibrant plays, The people at USA, Commemorate me with scary costumes. I am Celebrations! I am loved by these hearts! But I am a true celebration for all? Am I not deserted by anyone? When I come from a thief’s plot , Or from a murder’s shot, Should I be a part, When a corrupt slips currency away, Or a rapist tears clothes apart? Happiness has no bound, In their materialistic found. I am there in their victories , Though the victims have no sound. I am still there, There, as their celebrations. An effect of happiness, Though caused due to A ritual or a trait.

Written By: Kashish Chadha

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