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It's been years we drifted apart, but still when care free I stand in my balcony to enjoy the drops of rain and the wind blowing all around, I get hitched up by your memories. Your memories still taste like my favourite cappuccino and with every sip I take it makes me addicted to you more.


"Tum toh darasal saanson ka saaz ho

Dil mein mere chupa jo wohi raaz, raaz ho

Kal bhi mera tum hi ho mera aaj ho

Kal bhi mera tum hi ho mera aaj ho"


You are like an old school love. It's weird isn't it, even today you breathe in me more than me. You have no idea how this emptiness feels like. There are emotions, all which gets turned on like a beautiful melody as this song starts to play. My life still revolves all around you, those conversations, those secret letters, those promises, it all holds my heart out and its irreplaceable.


"Tum toh darasal ikk naya noor ho

Mujhme bhi ho zara si zara door door ho

Jaisi bhi ho hamesha hi manzoor ho


You are actually a new hope of light, which I always prefer over all the darkest situations of my life. Though you are now far away from me, but still a part of you and your memories always resides within me. You're sweet, funny, crazy, sometimes you're even stubborn but no matter however you are, you are always acceptable to me and I don't think I'll ever stop loving you.


"Tum toh darasal ishq ho, pyaar ho

Aati mere phasaano mein tum baar baar ho

Inkaar mein jo chhupa hai wo ikraar ho


You are actually, love and affection that I've always searched for. It happens often, since I’ve fallen for you, the effect of this feeling is such that, I keep on smiling whole day. You are not only part of my social media stories, but also you are a permanent migrant of my dreams. You're always inspiration behind all my success. You’re the acceptance hidden behind the rejection.

Written By: Mohan Nasre and

Tanya Vatsa

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