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If Only We Would Have - RUTVI DHRUVA

The relations which are long forgotten,

But were actually misbegotten.

If only we would have put in a little more effort,

None would have been really hurt.

We always expected from others,

Which only created innumerable pothers.

If only we would have set aside our ego,

The number of healthy relations wouldn’t have been zero.

Pointing out others’ mistakes is pretty crude,

Because that’s the best way to hide that you yourself are screwed.

If only we would have accepted our fault,

The connection wouldn’t have reached to an extreme halt.

Often when we think that now nothing can be done,

In reality, we just don’t want to be back to square one.

If only we would have taken an initiative,

We would have known that a bond requires no preservatives.

Written By: Rutvi Dhruva

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