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Incomplete - Nimisha Soni

We keep joining dots.

trying to connect words,

to stitch together a meaningful phrase.

connecting the scars on our skin,

to form an Orion on our wrists.

for we’re half and incomplete.

so we connect our heart beats,

so they synchronise rhythmically ,

creating a symphony;

a symphony that is complete.

we breath parallelly,

far apart,

yet at the same pace.

for we might be pieces of a puzzle,

but the ones that don’t go together.

so i pour you into my verses,

with the hope that a string of words,

can connect you to me.

but my dear,

we are stars;

longing to be united.

so I stretch out my hand

to hold yours,

and a constellation,

is formed.

Written By: Nimisha Soni

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