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Bobby woke up hearing his mom’s voice “wake up dumb you’re running outta time”. Bobby is a mediocre guy living with his parents, he’s studying in Liberty high school an eighth-grader. He turned off the fan and went down and saw that everyone is busy getting ready, he went to brush and took shower, when he came out his mom was standing and asked “why it took you time to take shower, come and eat your breakfast “, he ate his breakfast and his dad was waiting in the car for him. “Mom I am ready, take care, and have a good day”, his mom replied, “get lost”. Bobby’s mom is very strict and hates him for being dumb and mediocre, “dad I am sorry that I made you wait’, his dad replied, “I already know that you’re late to everything and a useless kid”. With a heavy heart, he went into the car, “hey bob this time I want you to get good marks, I know that you’re a mediocre student”, bobby replied, “I will do my level best dad”. His dad asked him to get good marks because everyone asking him how’s bobby studying and doing in school. Once bobby was inside I school some boys came behind him “guys look at this dumb”, then they started beating him till he bleeds in mouth and everyone surrounded that place but no one came forward to help him anyhow the school bell saved him. He then went to the bathroom and washed his teary face and then he found that he was late. He ran fast, “may I come in mam”, asked bobby but the teacher said “stand outside”, and suddenly everyone burst into laughter. The next hour there was a surprise test and everyone did well except bobby, then the teacher called him “bobby can you come here”, he went with the expectation that he did well but what happened was the other way around. “This guy bobby got the lowest mark, give him a round of applause”, he became sad and went quietly to his seat. He was because there’s no one there to support him, in the lunch hour no one allowed bobby to sit with them but then a voice came from behind “hey bob sit here”, a long-haired guy with a mischief smile named Paul. “Bob don’t worry you’re not alone and I am here for you”, bobby believed that Paul is supporting him yet to realize that he was going to be fooled. “bob can you pass the sauce from the table to me”, bob went to take the sauce and when he came back he saw no one, he lunch was gone and the money he had in his bag was stolen and he just figured it out that he was fooled. In the afternoon session he was I the class listening to the lecture, pencil came from the back and hit him, he turned and saw that some guys were laughing about him and then the teacher called him “bobby are you paying attention”, he said “mam someone throws this pencil on me”, everyone laughed then the teacher said “silence, bobby if you’re not interested just please be quiet, even if you listen it’s useless because you’re not going to get good marks”, the bell rang hard and everyone running outside with happiness because the class was over. Bobby was walking on the road and his dad didn’t come to pick him up. He then noticed a small buffet of water then suddenly a car came from nowhere and splashed the water on him and then disappeared. He was dirty and reached home, then his mom came and received him and started shouting at him saying that he’s useless, don’t know how to take care of himself, “ I don’t know what to say such an irresponsible guy”. Then the phone ranged and his mom received the message “Mrs. Bobby, your husband met with an accident and he is in the hospital”, again his mom scolded him and went to the hospital. He was in his room, thinking about what happened that day. His mom called him to be with his dad but he said that he’d prefer to be alone. He looked at this calendar and found out that he’s having semester exams in 15 days. He said to himself “A chance to prove that I am not useless”.

He then woke up early in the morning on the very next day and started his preparation and in the classroom, he was outside because the teacher found out that he is sleeping. Every day he woke up early studied hard and then believing himself. The day came and the teacher said “wishing everyone All the very best, and for bobby, I already knew your results”, He was sad outside but strong inside. The day came and everyone took the exam and many found that question paper was really difficult but for bobby it’s easy. For the next eight days, he worked hard like no one and turns himself into a bookworm. After some days the teacher announced the results and found out that many got low marks except bobby. The teacher couldn’t believe his eyes and bobby proved everyone that he’s not useless. And his dad came to know about his results and he was in cloud nine, he said “bobby you proved that I am wrong, I am sorry”, booby was happy and the very next day many wants befriend bobby but he rejected all and they asked him why he said, “I rejected everyone because I am a lonesome guy and I prefer to be alone”.

Written By: Karthikeyan G

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