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Sapiosexual Dies - Anisa Sareshwala

As long as you carry the cloak of being pretty, you are adored,

The moment it tumbles off you, the wrinkle of insecurities arise.

Oops hide it before you lose those lovely staring eyes,

Because civilizations of mankind remember the ones who had the beauty crown.

Just have a morphology and caked up face, rest doesn't matter even if you are a bimbo.

So, you ask what about a brain instead of this.

then you are unfortunate dear miss

Like a black hole that swallows the stars

The beauty stigma won't allow u to reach far

This glam isn't for you, go back to your den.

Brains attract no more

Get your stares straight to get a ten on ten.

The ones with supple waist get the highest praise.

I'm sorry no one values your smartness, but don't lose the grace.

Unless you know to flaunt, you get no stardom

Don't you know how to sway to the beats to gravitate the heat.

Shush you don't deserve love

First, know how to sit and dress then think to fit

Damn! Stop asking me about brains because I'm really sorry, this world doesn't deserve you

No emotions that's how it works.

The phrase of ‘beauty with brains’ exist no more,

Beauty still remains while brains are dead from it's core.

My Adorable Readers

I can't believe we have to talk about this

The only being that was created superior now questions it's abilities

Why do we always talk about the beauty bliss

We ourselves are laying down conspiracies.

If you look at history, archives of great diplomats like Ceaser and Aristotle are held

But beauty pageants after crowing are soon dispelled.

The powerful walnut we have

Cultivate it with utmost grace

And leave the glamour barf

If you have knowledge everything follows, it is the ultimate ace

Written By: Anisa Sareshwala

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