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Sunny takes out his phone and texted “hello sweetheart”. Jenny replied, “Hola Mi Amor”. Jenny and sunny are lovers, and they are in a long-distance relationship. Sunny stay in India while jenny stays in Chile. With the difference in time of nine hours thirty minutes, it’s really difficult for them to be in the same gear. Yet they didn’t give up, sunny is doing her Ph.D. in bio organics in a reputed university and jenny is pursuing her masters in electronics in a university in Chile. Jenny dialled to sunny in what’ Sapp audio call, sunny attend the call “sorry sunny, I called you without any information, I am kind of worried about you”, sunny replied, “Don’t worry jenny I am completely alright and hope you’re doing well”. Jenny and sunny met in online in the year 2018 and for the past 1 years they’re in LDR and is this year sunny is planning to give a surprise to jenny by going to Chile, Sunny is kind of introvert and jenny is extrovert and a girl to whom you should not mess with, their journey continues without any halt. In six months jenny is going to celebrate her birthday, sunny asked in the call “in six months you’re going to celebrate your birthday and what’s the special “, jenny replied “nothing new sun, wish you could be here”, In the same year sunny is completing his thesis and will be free in six months, so he prepared a plan to meet jenny. The very next day jenny was busy that she didn’t text sunny, “too busy to text”, sunny texted, and he waited for sometimes but there’s no reply from jenny. Sunny left a message and went to bed and the next morning when sunny woke up there’s a message from jenny “sorry sun I was busy with university works, hope you’re not mad at me”, sunny replied that “please don’t say sorry, I understand completely”, and they started texted with the flow. Sunny’s parents and jenny’s parents are really strict, and they won’t believe in love and these kinds of relationship, but they have to convince they’re parents. Then it happened again sunny texted jenny, but no reply, and before going to bed sunny saw that jenny is active in social media. Then sunny woke up with no replies from jenny, then he dialled jenny she picks up the call “hey what happened is everything okay there”, jenny replied “yes sunny”, “why don’t you text me last night, actually I was waiting for your message”, she replied “oh sorry”, sunny got mad and cut the call. Jenny took sunny for granted she thought that she can text him whenever she wants like in a modern relationship. The next day Jenny didn’t receive any messages from sunny, and she thought that he is busy, the same goes for the next day also, she got worried and dialled sunny “ hey is everything okay”, “ Yeah jenny I was admitted in hospital because of difficulties in breathing”. On hearing this jenny got worried “I tried to tell you this, but you were busy and I saw you active in online but I thought of not disturbing you”. Then sunny cut the call and after 2 days he discharged from the hospital, those 2 days seems like hell to jenny because sunny didn’t text her like the old days, and jenny missed sunny. Once sunny reached home he texts jenny “hey I am home finally”, without any delay jenny dialed sunny “sunny I love you, and I am sorry for what I’ve done, I missed you so bad”. Jenny realized the mistake she did that is taking sunny for granted and now they’re back on track. The very next day sunny applied for American Visa for going to Chile. After some verifications and formalities, his Visa is finally approved, and he’s ready to go to Chile. After some face calls and small fights, the birthday for jenny is nearing and sunny on the other hand completing his thesis and finally, he earned the degree and shared the moments with jenny she felt really happy. In two days jenny is celebrating her birthday and sunny on the other hand prepared everything to go to Chile. The very next day sunny was on a flight to Chile and after 16 hours of traveling sunny reached a hotel and took rest. In the evening he went out to buy a gift for jenny. In the meantime sunny texted jenny asking that where she will be that midnight, and she replied that she’ll be staying outside with friends in a hotel, and she told him the name of the hotel and exactly at midnight he went to the room with nervous and knock the door, she opened the door and on seeing sunny she broke down and hugged him tightly and didn’t allow him to breathe. She is happy because she’s celebrating her birthday with the person she loves. After spending the entire day with jenny, he went to the hotel and packed up his things because he has a flight to catch. Jenny wants sunny to stay there and in the airport jenny hugged sunny tightly with tears. Sunny said “I love you”, and he waved at her, then the flight took off and jenny was driving, and she found a box, and she was shocked because sunny left a ring for jenny.

Written By: Karthikeyan. G

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