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Our Clients Say. . .

My journey of editing and compiling all the short stories written by writers of all kinds alongside the publication house has been an interesting one. I've learnt a lot through the process and I'm proud of it today. The cover and name of the book is the best part as it was discussed and decided by all the writers who're a part of it. The quality and price of the book is also great.

Roshni RejiEditor and Compiler, "The Swirls of Life"

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About Us

Welcome to Verses Kindler Publication, a dynamic and innovative publishing company based in India. Established on 9th May, 2020, we are passionate about promoting fictional books and providing a platform for aspiring writers who are skeptical about getting published. At Verses Kindler, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we are dedicated to supporting writers of all age groups and helping them gain recognition for their talent and creativity.

Our primary mission is to create a nurturing environment for budding authors, where they can unleash their literary prowess and share their stories with the world. We understand the challenges faced by aspiring writers in finding a reputable publisher who values their work. That's why we strive to be a beacon of hope for emerging talents, offering them guidance, support, and an opportunity to see their dreams come to life.

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Kashish Chadha, Founder and CEO

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