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Solo Book Author Packages

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Anthology Author Packages



Solo Packages

Author Copies


Rs. 7,499



Rs. 9,999



Rs. 17,499


Cover Designing

1 Basic

2 Basic

2 Premium





In Book Designing

5 illustartions

5 illustrations


1 round

1 round

Personal Manager

Beta Reading

1 round

Video Trailers

Anthology Packages



Rs. 499



Rs. 649


No. of Co-Authors



No. of Editing Rounds

1 Round

Benefits for Co-Authors

All Co-Author Benefits Available

Benefits for Compilers

All Compiler Benefits Available

Our Services Include. . .

1. Cover Designing:

- How would you describe the importance of a captivating book cover?

- What elements should be considered when designing a book cover?

- Can you provide any specific preferences or examples for the cover design?

At Verses Kindler Publication, we understand that a book's cover is its first impression. Our team of talented designers collaborates with authors to create visually stunning and compelling covers that capture the essence of their stories, effectively attracting readers and reflecting the book's content.


2. In Book Designing:

- How would you describe the role of interior book design in enhancing the reading experience?

- Do you have any specific preferences regarding fonts, chapter layouts, or other design elements?

We believe that the reading experience should be seamless and enjoyable. Our professional designers meticulously craft interior book layouts that are aesthetically pleasing, ensuring readability and enhancing the overall visual appeal of the book.


3. Distribution:

- What are your distribution goals and target markets?

- Are you interested in both physical and online distribution?

Verses Kindler Publication offers comprehensive distribution services to help authors reach a wide audience. Through strategic partnerships and a robust distribution network, we ensure that books are available through both traditional brick-and-mortar stores and prominent online retailers, expanding the reach and visibility of our authors' works.


4. Video Trailers:

- Would you like to explore the option of promoting your book through video trailers?

- Do you have any specific ideas or concepts in mind for the video trailer?

Our creative team can produce captivating video trailers that bring your book to life. By incorporating visual elements, music, and engaging storytelling techniques, we create compelling trailers that pique readers' interest and generate buzz for your book.


5. Personal Manager:

- How important is having a personal manager to guide you through the publishing process?

- What specific areas would you like assistance with from a personal manager?

At Verses Kindler Publication, we assign the author with a dedicated personal manager who serves as a trusted guide and advocate throughout the publishing journey. Your personal manager will provide professional advice, address your concerns, and ensure a smooth publishing experience, offering support in areas such as manuscript preparation, editing, marketing, and more.


6. Editing:

- How would you describe your editing needs, such as developmental editing, copyediting, or proofreading?

- Are there any specific editing guidelines or preferences you would like us to follow?

Our experienced editors offer a range of editing services to polish your manuscript and ensure its readiness for publication. From comprehensive developmental editing to meticulous copyediting and proofreading, we strive to enhance the clarity, coherence, and quality of your writing while respecting your unique voice and vision.


7. Beta Reading:

- Are you interested in receiving feedback and critiques from beta readers?

- What specific aspects or areas would you like our beta readers to focus on?

Beta reading provides valuable insights from unbiased readers before your book reaches a wider audience. Our network of dedicated beta readers can provide constructive feedback, helping you refine your manuscript and make it even more engaging and impactful.


8. Posters:

- Would you like to have eye-catching posters to promote your book?

- Do you have any specific themes or design preferences in mind?

Our designers can create visually appealing posters that effectively convey the essence of your book. These posters can be used for promotional purposes, book signings, author events, or online marketing, catching the attention of potential readers and generating interest in your work.


9. Book Formatting:

- What specific formatting requirements or guidelines would you like us to follow?

- Do you have any preferences regarding the layout, fonts, or other formatting elements?

Proper book formatting is crucial for a professional and polished final product. Our team ensures that your book is formatted to industry

 standards, incorporating consistent styling, proper page breaks, and seamless transitions between chapters, resulting in a visually pleasing reading experience.


10. Legal ISBN Allocation:

- Are you familiar with the importance of obtaining an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)?

We understand the significance of obtaining a legal ISBN for your book. As part of our services, we assist authors in acquiring the necessary ISBNs, which are essential for tracking and identifying your book in the global publishing industry.


11. Copyrights:

- How important is copyright protection for you as an author?

- Are you familiar with the copyright registration process and its benefits?

We prioritize the protection of your intellectual property. While copyright is automatically granted upon creation, we can guide you through the copyright registration process to provide additional legal protection for your work, ensuring that your rights as an author are safeguarded.


12. 100% Royalty:

- How important is receiving fair and transparent royalty rates to you?

- Are you interested in exploring various royalty models, such as print royalties, eBook royalties, or distribution-specific royalties?

At Verses Kindler Publication, we believe in fair compensation for authors. We offer competitive royalty rates, ensuring that you receive your deserved share of the sales proceeds generated by your book. Our transparent royalty system ensures that you are fairly rewarded for your hard work and creativity.


13. Inventory Management:

- How would you describe your inventory management requirements?

- Are you interested in print-on-demand services or in need of bulk printed copies?

We offer efficient inventory management solutions, including print-on-demand services, to streamline the distribution process. This eliminates the need for authors to manage physical inventory, reducing costs and ensuring that books are readily available to readers without the risk of excess stock or inventory shortages.


14. Online Distribution:

- Do you have specific online platforms or retailers you would like your book to be available on?

- Are you interested in exploring eBook distribution and online marketplaces?

We understand the significance of online presence and accessibility. We ensure that your book is distributed across various prominent online platforms and retailers, reaching a vast digital audience. We also assist in eBook formatting and distribution, making your work available in popular eBook formats and online marketplaces.


15. E Certificates:

- Are you interested in receiving e-certificates for your work?

- What specific details or design elements would you like to incorporate into the e-certificates?

We offer customizable e-certificates that can be used by all our writers to get certified on getting published at Verses Kindler Publication.


16. Publishing Support:

- What specific areas of publishing support would you like assistance with?

- Are there any challenges or concerns you would like our team to address during the publishing process?

We provide comprehensive publishing support to guide you through every step of your publishing journey. From manuscript preparation and editing to cover design, formatting, and distribution, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a seamless and successful publishing experience.


17. Book Preview:

- Are you interested in offering readers a sneak peek or preview of your book?

- How would you like the book preview to be showcased, such as on your website, social media platforms, or specific retailers?

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