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About Verses Kindler

Welcome to Verses Kindler Publication, a dynamic and innovative publishing company based in India. Established on 9th May, 2020, we are passionate about promoting fictional books and providing a platform for aspiring writers who are skeptical about getting published. At Verses Kindler, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we are dedicated to supporting writers of all age groups and helping them gain recognition for their talent and creativity.


Our primary mission is to create a nurturing environment for budding authors, where they can unleash their literary prowess and share their stories with the world. We understand the challenges faced by aspiring writers in finding a reputable publisher who values their work. That's why we strive to be a beacon of hope for emerging talents, offering them guidance, support, and an opportunity to see their dreams come to life.


As a publishing company, we take immense pride in our achievements and the impact we have made in the literary landscape. Since our inception, we have published over 185 titles across various genres, spanning from gripping thrillers to heartwarming romance and thought-provoking literary fiction. Each book we publish undergoes a meticulous process of selection, editing, and design to ensure that our readers receive nothing but the best literary experiences.

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Our Founder

Introducing Kashish Chadha, the Founder of Verses Kindler Publication


Behind the success and visionary approach of Verses Kindler Publication stands Kashish Chadha, a passionate entrepreneur determined to revolutionize the publishing industry. With a personal journey that fueled her drive, Kashish embarked on a mission to create an inclusive and transparent platform for aspiring writers, ensuring their voices are heard without the barriers she faced in the past.


Kashish's inspiration to establish Verses Kindler Publication stemmed from a deeply personal experience. Having encountered a fraudulent publication company while trying to publish her mother's book, she witnessed firsthand the anguish and disappointment that authors face when their dreams are tarnished by unscrupulous practices. Motivated by this negative encounter, Kashish made it her life's purpose to build a publishing company that champions integrity, affordability, and unwavering support for authors.


kashish pic.jpg

Kashish Chadha, Founder and CEO


Armed with an empathetic understanding of the sentiments and struggles faced by writers, Kashish brings a unique perspective to the publishing industry. She comprehends the pain points and aspirations of authors, acknowledging the emotional investment and dedication poured into their work. Guided by this understanding, she endeavors to create an environment where authors feel valued, respected, and empowered throughout their publishing journey.


With a vision to make publishing accessible and affordable for everyone, Kashish has meticulously designed Verses Kindler Publication to be a safe haven for writers of all backgrounds and genres. She believes that every story deserves to be told and aims to remove the financial barriers that often hinder authors from realizing their dreams. Kashish is committed to providing transparent pricing structures and affordable publishing options, ensuring that talented writers receive the recognition they deserve without compromising their financial well-being.


Through her experiences and determination, Kashish is driving Verses Kindler Publication towards becoming a beacon of trust and reliability in the publishing industry. Her personal journey has shaped her commitment to integrity, transparency, and the unwavering support of authors. She strives to ensure that no author has to endure the heartache and deception she faced, and she is dedicated to fostering an environment where writers can thrive, their stories can resonate, and their dreams can become a reality.


Kashish Chadha's vision for Verses Kindler Publication aligns perfectly with the company's mission to empower and uplift writers from all walks of life. With her unyielding passion, deep understanding of authors' needs, and commitment to affordability and integrity, Kashish has laid the foundation for a publishing company that celebrates creativity, fosters literary excellence, and advocates for the voices that deserve to be heard.


Under Kashish's guidance, Verses Kindler Publication is poised to revolutionize the publishing landscape, becoming a trusted platform where writers can share their stories, gain recognition, and find solace in an environment that values their artistry and dreams.

Our Clients Say. . .

My journey of editing and compiling all the short stories written by writers of all kinds alongside the publication house has been an interesting one. I've learnt a lot through the process and I'm proud of it today. The cover and name of the book is the best part as it was discussed and decided by all the writers who're a part of it. The quality and price of the book is also great.

Roshni RejiEditor and Compiler, "The Swirls of Life"

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