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But I Don't Stop - Rutvi Dhruva

They criticize me, they pull me down.

They tell me that I don’t deserve the crown.

But I don’t stop, I keep on moving.

For I know, my achievements are proving.

They judge me, they count my failures.

Although it’s my life, they are the story-tellers.

But I don’t stop, I be on the go.

For I know, they’re hiding their own insecurities below.

They denounce me, they question my values.

They consider me as bad news.

But I don’t stop, I continue in.

For I know, my prosperity makes their head spin.

They challenge me, they doubt my decisions.

They don’t want to believe me, they are happy with their assumptions.

But I don’t stop, I go further.

For I know, what I can, they can never conquer.

Written By: Rutvi Dhruva

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