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We ought to change ourselves,

And hide ourselves under layers of façade or the imaginary perfection which has no perpetual existence,

Trying daily to be like someone else,

And forget who we truly are and something that we wanted to be since the start.

But you were made the way you are,

To be unique, one of a kind, not meant to be shoddy.

If you really wish to change,

Then change yourself by being a new and better YOU.

A YOU which respects everyone, and has moral values, but not the one which demands appreciation and validation

Don't hide under these layers of the imaginary perfection,

To wait for any kind of validation or to be accepted by the society,

Cause being YOU is better

Than being someone else.

What YOU can do, a subpar copy of some other being can never do.

Written By: Akshayveer Chundawat

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